Charlottesville Reckless Driving Attorneys

MartinWren, P.C.‘s Charlottesville reckless driving attorneys have experience reducing reckless driving charges to either speeding or improper driving offenses, and we have even obtained acquittals of reckless driving charges. We would be happy to discuss your matter with you in the event you have received a citation for reckless driving.

Virginia Reckless Driving Laws

Virginia’s laws regarding reckless driving permit aggressive prosecution of reckless driving charges due to a large number of reckless driving offenses in Virginia. For example, reckless driving can occur by, among other things, using excessive speed, by racing, by passing or overtaking an emergency vehicle, by passing a school bus, by driving too fast for conditions, by failing to use proper signals, by driving with an obstructed view, or by the manner in which the car is operated by the driver. Convictions for reckless driving can be especially problematic because it is a six-point violation under the law and the conviction will remain on the driver’s record for up to eleven years.

Charlottesville Traffic Violations Lawyers

Our Charlottesville Traffic Violations Lawyers are experienced at handling simple and complex traffic matters. Whether you have received a ticket for speeding, driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence, driving on a suspended license, or some other traffic offense, our experienced traffic lawyers can meet with you to determine your best course of action for proceeding.

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